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Submission Rules

Ars-Fatalis is dedicated to art featuring prehistoric predatory mammals and proto-mammals.


1. No dinosaurs! Dinosaurs are awesome and we love them, but this group is for mammals and their mammal-like reptilian ancestors (like Dimetrodon, Lycaenops, Cynognathus, etc).

2. No herbivores! It's fine to have herbivores in a picture, but the focus of the piece should be a carnivore or an omnivore reasonably assumed to enjoy a meaty snack (for example the entelodonts).

3. No modern mammals! The subject should be prehistoric or at least extinct (such as thylacines).

4. Original work only. No screencaps, no images you googled, and no traces of of other artist's work.

5. Art should be your best work. Sketches on notebook or graph paper, poor quality scans, cell phone photos, and other low-quality images will be rejected.

6. No creationism - this group is not interested in mythology and politics.




Paleoartists, you'll probably find this article by Marc Witton about the abuses and disrespect of artists who reconstruct extinct animals very interesting.

For all its significance, the palaeoart industry is often poorly treated by the academic, media and educational industries associated with it. Many standard practises associated with palaeoart production are ethically and legally problematic, stifle its scientific and cultural growth, and have a negative impact on the financial viability of its creators. These issues create a climate that obscures the many positive contributions made by palaeoartists to science and education, while promoting and funding derivative, inaccurate, and sometimes execrable artwork. The result is the publication of objectively inaccurate and subjectively terrible palaeoart that fails to conform with fossil evidence, is incongruous with the anatomy and life appearance of organisms, perpetuates recognised palaeoart clichés and tropes (Conway et al. 2012; Witton 2013), and has limited popular appeal.

The article is intended to make public a dialog about the quality working practices of paleoartists.
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